What is Uber Taxi in Bangkok?

Tired of getting rejected on the streets in Bangkok? Uber Taxi is a smartphone app which connects drivers with passengers directly, instead of hailing a car in the street or through a centralised booking service. Get started with this uber free ride promo code e4ubf3yque.

The Uber app uses the GPS to detect your location and connects you to the nearest driver in Bangkok. You can choose between a UberX or a UberBLACK car. UberX in Bangkok is usually a private car, without any normal taxi colors on it, while UberBLACK is a more exclusive car. You can always see if a Uber car is around you by checking the app. (Hint) If there are no available cars, try to navigate around the map, maybe a driver is nearby soon.

The Uber app notifies you when the Uber car arrives and you can right away check the identity of the driver and car against who actually shows up. The standard start fee is 25฿ which is less than the normal 35฿ taxi fee. This will all be free for you with this first time uber promo code for all new users. The promo code 'e4ubf3yque' gives you a free ride or two, up to 300฿. It all sounds very convenient, fast and simple, right?

When ordering a Uber taxi in Bangkok with the Uber app, you can enter the destination and get an estimate on the price, so you won't be surprised later. This taxi service is also cashless which means you pay everything through the app and don't need to worry about tips or change, you can even split the fare between different riders. After the ride, you will receive a detailed e-mail about your trip.